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Software a medida
Software a medida
Custom software
We design, develop and implement Custom Computer Systems with the aim of fully satisfying the needs of our clients, thanks to the personalized attention and constant interaction of our team with users and clients; guaranteeing short-term results.
Diseño web
Paginas web
Web design
Being featured and standing out on the web has become the best way to make yourself known and sell products in a massive way. We think, design and implement the best solution for our clients to convey their business image on the web, either capturing it or helping them find it.
Desarrollo de apps
Desarrollo de aplicaciones moviles
Mobile applications
Constant technological and social advances make radical changes necessary to be closer to customers every day. We design, develop and implement the mobile application that each business needs to generate new and better sales and communication channels with increasingly demanding customers.
Expertos en e-commerce
Expertos en e-commerce
We are experts in developing online stores integrated with multiple means of payment. Selling on the web with easy and secure access to customers allows you to maximize sales by reducing the time and cost of sales.
Consultoría tecnologica
Consultoría tecnologica
We offer consulting services that cover software development, process improvement and technological coaching, guaranteeing benefits and return on investment in the short term.
Trainings and Mentoring
Training services in the development of corporate applications, the technologies used, and the organization and training of the teams that implement them.


We are one
young company,
agile and modern
We form a flexible, creative and highly customer-oriented team, with more than fifteen years of experience and professional solidity.

The company was born from the association of two brothers, born in San Carlos de Bariloche (Patagonia, Argentina), who after many years of working in important companies in the city, and with great experience as their endorsement, decided to form ModalTech.
How we work



We focus on solving problems and improving the processes of our clients. We are convinced that to achieve this, a constant and fluid interaction with them is necessary.